A Walk Around

I’m fairly new to the idea of writing a blog, so I decided to fire up my web browser and point it at the http://wordpress.com/next/ and try to see what wisdom one can gain from the interweb. I’m not sure what I’m looking for and not sure what I’ll find…  Family updates and pictures, H1N1 and its vaccine are illuminati bioweapons, redirects to other websites/services, people’s poorly/not so poorly written writings.  Lots of TV and movie reviews. Horse Property for sale in Phoenix. Apparently President Obama is a homosexual… who knew? Another married lady? Sheesh.

I feel that I could improve my blog by having a consistent posting frequency – I worry that posting every day would feel like a job, while webcomic-esque 3 times a week is not enough. Upon further consideration, daily updates would encourage me to complete the inevitable 2-3 draft “I’ll get back to that later” ideas that I seem to accumulate for each post. Increasing frequency and maybe not worrying so much about perfection might be a good thing. Something like Roger Zelazny’s four sentence daily minimum? Another thing I think that would help would basically sit down and come up with the “about me” portion of the site – give some idea as to who I am, some insights into what I think and why I think it. Identify some central themes, even if it is just “shit from my brain” I can at least try to give myself some focus.

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3 comments on “A Walk Around
  1. vigorousbog says:

    And the whole Vostok theme might have to go. Minimal clutter is nice and all, not a lot of bullcrap is good too, but too much footer and not enough sidebar is a problem.

  2. angryscholar says:

    I started mine again as a way to avoid telling the same stuff to twelve people in twelve separate telephone conversations. But I’m slowing down already. I’m finding that I don’t type-bitch as easily as I speak-bitch. Or something.

    • vigorousbog says:

      I’ve thought previously of setting up some sort of forum with the same idea in mind. But then again, this actually seems to work better while encouraging a little more long form input. That and I guess I don’t have enough friends to make that kind of effort worthwhile.

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