The Fire of a Thousand Suns

The past couple of days I was so angry and I didn’t know why. Contract revisions. HD Television. Instadeath Sandworms. Injustice, both global and personal. No parking space in the shade. Customs violating foreign salads. The bank. I’m stuck in bureaucracy, frustrated by incompetence, what have you. To a certain extent, it’s uncertainty as to what the future holds. It’s frustration with a professional lack of progress – no matter how well I perform,  nothing changes. And it’s the knowledge that I’m the only person who can change things.

A lack of feedback doesn’t help matters. Aside from vague nods in the direction of advanced education, nobody seems to be able to tell me what I’m missing. The only real conclusion I can reach, is that either due to a lack of vision, knowledge, or ambition other people don’t have a clue.

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