Too many neurons fire, kick feebly in every direction. I’ve been in a weird place lately.  I try to avoid getting bogged down or overwhelmed in the tangential.  If that battle’s being fought, for me it’s already lost.  Minimalism protects me from the material, standardization frees me from the procedural, and ritualization chunks minutiae above a manageable threshold. It all becomes an economy of effort. At the moment – things just don’t jive.

School placed artificial stress on organization/tidiness, which I found impossible. Failing binder quizzes, losing papers, etc. Imposed organization demanded effort. My atrocious handwriting wasn’t helped by countless sheets of Zaner-Bloser, uniformly connecting dotted and dashed. Indistinguishable d/b/p/q lacked mental orthogonality –  it was a lost cause. Subsequent  situations demanded ordering objects and thoughts,  demonstrated organization wasn’t the issue, arbitrary guidelines were.

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