Nostalgia Or Something Like It

Rereading fantasy books is both upsetting and liberating. Piers Anthony’s puns are appreciated, but the over-charged trans-species sexuality is jarring. To be fair, he has a series of x-rated fantasy novels , but his work seems to suffer from “feature creep”. Write what you know, I guess.  Don’t even get me started on Larry Niven. Robert Jordan’s first book dropped  in 1990, I’d like to think politics and relationships were less interesting to a young me. 12 books later, it’s impossible to ignore he can’t write women. Couple that with sacral ties between the author and the land and I don’t want to finish the series. David Eddings and his wife Leigh rewrote the same series 4+ times, complete with keeping their love life spicy in each book.  I guess the main difference between these authors and others is the knowledge of their pulp status. In my naivety, I thought through volume and scope that I was doing big things. In my mind, I hear tongue-clucking and a woman with a Columbian accent say, “I have some serious questions about your taste level.”

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