Lessons Learned

The computer is put together, operating system installed. Looks approximately like this.

1) Attaching a Scythe Mugen Rev. B is counter-intuitive. With all the parts outside the case, mount cpu to mobo, Mugen to cpu, then entire assembly into case. Still debating mounting the fan on the cooler
2) Cable Control. Need to go back in and clean things up, move the storage HD down, considering a Modular Power Source.
3) Ordered 2x4GB RAM instead of 4x2GB which was my initial plan… need to evaluate the effects of the changed CAS Latency, etc.
4) There’s no ATA HD mounting area on the new motherboard, which puts old data momentarily out of reach. Inconvenient now, ultimately beneficial.
5) No 3.5″->5.25″ expansion bracket for mounting front side USB 3.0, oversight on my part, or I just haven’t figured it out yet/haven’t looked to hard.

Aside from that things are fairly straightforward.  Once I knocked the rust off, and finally got my brain around the Mugen, it all took about an hour, including OS install. Nothing’s overclocked yet and frankly it’s as fast as crap, operating at roughly room temperature… so we’ll wait and see.

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