Being Yourself…

…without making other people less. I don’t know if it’s what some consider (brutal) honesty, but for some reason people focus on largely superficial interaction. Monday or Tuesday, “What did you do last weekend?”. Wednesday through Friday, “Any big plans this weekend?” It’s never enough to just be, you have to be looking forward or reporting (not reflecting) back. If you have a pet, talk about that. If you have a child, time for a story. Obligation translates to conversation. Nobody really wants to know what you think or why you think it. Because that exposes your their own thoughts to similar questioning. Maybe that’s a good thing. I don’t really know. Talk about television shows, reality is better – lowest common denominator. Talk about other people’s music, not your own. They think you smoke pot. You know all the music from sampled beats, random trivia, remixes, and just plain old ecclecticism.

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