I previously mentioned Chuck Palahniuk’s book Rant – one idea mentioned in passing was the increased pursuit and consumption of new sensations. Capturing brain activity, layering/mixing experiences.  And the more I think about this it’s already happening.  Take “superfruits”: First it was blueberries, then cranberries, then pomegranate, then lychee, then açai, mangosteen? Noni? now whatever the latest superfruit is –  Caja Acu? Cupuaçu? If you prefer music, you only need to go as far as Britney Spears’s latest single to see mainstream pop amalgamate dubstep or look at a half-dozen other songs that steal their hooks from chiptunes. After actually watching the Britney video, I don’t have the will to find other examples. Skip to 1:27 if you want the example without having to sit through 87 seconds of a tired mother of two flop around trying to connect with the kids.  A transition to sensory engineering? No longer deciding between enjoyable over unpleasant. It’s about understanding the functions behind the experiences, risking the unpleasant. Long-term understanding becoming more important than the short-term experience.

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