Out Sick

I haven’t posted in a bit, mainly due to my being under the weather.  My sleep schedule is moderately messed up, but now that I’ve taken a little time to recover, and environmental issues are (more) under control, I hope to get back to business as usual.  I think I’m going to put a changelog up of something I’m working on, to better define the scope of my ideas and to keep track of what’s been done.  I’m currently developing in “Processing” which as far as I can tell is Java with a few training wheels.  More or less what I need at the moment.  It’s got an OpenGL handler/screen and some predefined vector classes, so we’ll see what we can come up with.

A few small things that I’ve noticed with “java” is that there are no overloaded operators which was a bit surprising (short-term) but I know it’s a lot better in terms of code stability (long-term).  The other thing is the two-part construction which is different from what I’m used to with C – but once the problem is identified, it’s straightforward enough.

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