Desktop Dungeons

After a bit of a hiatus, I’m back to playing Desktop Dungeons a fantastic “condensed roguelike” that takes only 10 minutes to play.  The ability to walk away from the game as well as the small chunk-size of the game, is really great for the chaos of my life right now.  That being said, the mechanics are surprisingly deep – I think I’m somewhere around a C+ player, as I’ve only managed to stumble to victory a couple of times on multi-boss levels.

So while I’m ruminating on my play skills and trying to master the “experience catapult” I’ve rolled up my sleeves and started to put in a little bit of work editing the official Desktop Dungeons wiki.  For the most part, my efforts have mostly focused on polishing the wiki – grabbing sprites, large and small, formatting data, improving the readability of some of the templates.  I’ve really been impressed with the layout and organization for a MediaWiki, but can’t help but think that there has to be some way for automating and organizing some of the processes.

That being said, I’m 146 edits in – and now trying to figure out some of the more advanced Wikipedia features (All the serpents should be in a category together… and the zombies… and the mages…), differentiating between two Gorgons, and figuring out how to better use/improve templates.

If I ever actually get around to any sort of game production, I think this would be a creative and innovative way to automatically organize and note changes to assets.  That being said, It’s also kind of fun to have a collection mini game going with windows screenshot and Paint.Net to help balance out all of my failed runs.

Well – enough out of me, go check it out!

Alpha (Free):
Beta ($10/$20):

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