Crazy Legs and The Albino Slug

So whiling away (more than) a few sleepless hours, I’ve been going through some Unity3D tutorials, to try to fill in some knowledge gaps, and maybe try to cobble something together.  First main issue was having multiple conflicting installations of Blender on my computer, which apparently didn’t quite attach the model’s “skin” and to the interior “bones” resulting in the following change when the play button is hit:

So that was a bit of a headache to figure out, but following that I’ve had some issues getting textures to properly apply to the models resulting in the player being chased around the hillside by the following:

Which while moderately frightening, isn’t quite what I was expecting (*Note just figured out how to fix it).  Now none of this is made by me, and I’m just putting pieces together to make sure I understand, but it does help square things away conceptually.

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2 comments on “Crazy Legs and The Albino Slug
  1. angryscholar says:

    Damn, ‘Lo, what don’t you do?

    This is wild, man. You should Kickstart this shit.

  2. vigorousbog says:

    ….Fuck around! – Ohhh!

    Seriously though, I’m 74/273ths of the way through the YouTube tutorials located here: (

    They’re not the most streamlined/well planned. Every 10 episodes or so, there’s a coding error that’s caught in the next video – but until you realize that, you’re banging your head against the wall trying to figure out why your code doesn’t work. All in all it’s a good resource because you’re learning along with the author – both of you making mistakes, learning to troubleshoot your code and figuring out when things do and don’t work.

    That being said – I’m getting closer to being comfortable with the whole development suite. But I’m increasingly leaning toward a 2D game, as drawing some sprites is way less of an assache than rendering out a bunch of 3D models.

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