Abbott & Costello

Short one tonight, just trying to gradually get back into writing. Lots of wrestling with the bureaucratic hydra – with each form filed, two new demands spring forth. Money’s tight, lots of stress, and I’m pretty sick. Things are pretty rough at the moment. The plan for right now is to take care of myself, stay focused and do what I can.

One brief flash of inspiration worth mentioning – I decided to install the x86 version of Android (4.0-RC2) on the netbook which massively lowered the storage footprint from 7.8/8.0gb (cleared slight amounts of overhead switching window managers, deleting extraneous applications and the like) but it’s gradually bloated up over time. So now I’ve got 6+ GB free .and from what I’ve seen so far it’s buggy but I’m pretty impressed.

Alright Nyquil’s kicking in. Time to get more sleep.

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