It’s been a pretty rough week – copious work, job fair, a plague upon my house, bureaucracy, exhaustion.  But so it goes. One thing that I’m moderately excited about is the orange kabocha squash I found while shopping for groceries (pictured above).  I’ve only had the green variety of this squash, but I’ll take what I can get.  For the most part, I’m beginning to think that fall/winter are more my jam – but it might just be that I’m sick of the interpersonal interactions that seem to spill over during the summer.  More daylight hours, less activities/busy schedules resulting in increased nosiness, etc.  The food gets better too – apples, greens, squash, root veggies.  Part of me wants to find some french horn mushrooms to saute, and some raw cashews to try to make some “vegan goat cheese” and I’ve got a shot a recreating an awesome sandwich I had awhile back.

Programming is creeping along, right now the biggest issue is passing the appropriate data from one object to another. Some slight reorganization and rethinking of the code has been the main focus, but as more ideas begin to mature progress should be made at a faster rate.

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7 comments on “Squash!
  1. angryscholar says:

    My lady friend made kabocha tempura once.Super great.

    • vigorousbog says:

      It’s looking like it might have rolled off the counter at some point in the last 12 hours, so I’m probably going to have to put on my squash roasting pants (uh.. I guess that’s a thing) and break it all down tomorrow. I’ve got an acorn, delicata and this kobocha.

      I tried making another comment on your blog, but I did it across a VPN – did those comments wind up in your spam filter or just vanish into the luminiferous aether?

  2. vigorousbog says:

    Yeah, there were two others. I’ll try try again.

    • vigorousbog says:

      I’m guessing you’ve got IP address approval up and running. It’s saying I’m submitting them, but because they’re from some other location, WordPress is holding em up. They’re all variants of the same thing, so delete two of the three whenever they show up.

  3. angryscholar says:

    Weird, it also didn’t tell me about THESE responses. Hmm. Is that a default setting? I didn’t fiddle with any comment settings. Maybe I should change that.

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