A short update to try to break out of my mental logjam. Things are pretty rough at the moment, the too familiar stresses of no money and no time. I’m trying to get to bed earlier than last week’s 5 am with obviously limited success.

I did secure some intermediate components that should let me chip away at some of the projects I’ve got lined up.  Texas Instruments sent me some sample components (for free!) which should get the ball rolling.  I’ve also picked up an old school mechanical keyboard – I think it even has a 5-pin DIN connector, not even a PS/2 connector. An adaptor should cost me maybe 3 bucks, which is by far cheaper than the $120+ for a Cherry MX Chartreuse switched, Das Keyboard Turbo Hellian Edition.

Other components are slowly accumulating.  A soldering iron and a power supply should help me increase my yield of scavenged parts, a mint tin provides a useful enclosure, some strips of metal should provide some good stock material for yet another project.

A strong and slow boring of hard boards…

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4 comments on “Rough
  1. angryscholar says:

    Once your time machine is finished, I have a few requests.

  2. vigorousbog says:

    It’s finished – but it only goes one way. I can get time to slow down if I get it going fast enough though…

    • angryscholar says:

      Seen that Futurama episode where they have a one-way time machine and decide to speed through history to the end of time, only to find out that it all just repeats itself endlessly?

      • vigorousbog says:

        Yeah man – also been doing a lot of work on the transition from classical (Newtonian) physics to Einstein/Relativistic physics for class. So I’m kicking a little relativity humor for the kids.

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