Short Post

Just a quick post to try and get the ball rolling again – it stops sometimes, but the key is to reduce the stall each time.

Feeling a little burnt out as well as apprehensive with things teetering on some sort of abstract brink.

There’s going to be a lot of work in the next few weeks, so I should bank sleep when I can.

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4 comments on “Short Post
  1. angryscholar says:

    Dude, when (if) you have time, I’d be really interested to read your thoughts about such diverse topics as organic food & fair trade, that whole probiotics thing, and other kind of popular/consumer-sciencey stuff that strikes your fancy. Interesting to get a scientist’s perspective on that shite.

  2. angryscholar says:

    Okay: 1) does yogurt actually help regulate digestive processes?
    2) Is organic certification a good thing, or is it too unregulated and murky to be worth the extra expense?
    3) Does fair trade help third-world growers, or is it a scam to lure in naive yuppies?

  3. angryscholar says:

    Er, sorry, ignore the first one. You answered that already, and there are holes in my brain. You know how it is.

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