So after losing 4-pages about the human digestive system, and the necessary characteristics a bacteria would need to endure in order to populate intestinal flora, my vegan whiz is suitably cheezed. Gone is the information about so called “prebiotics” which actually seem to help with nutrient absorption and intestinal health.

As such, I think I’m just going to offer my snap, unreferenced, gut reactions to the remaining topics I’ve been mulling over in the next couple days.

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2 comments on “Rassum
  1. angryscholar says:

    Damn B, what happened? Don’t feel obligated to deal with my crap, especially if you’re buy. Just thought your combined vegan/science perspective on these issues would be insightful bedtime reading. Don’t kill yourself trying to write an essay to satisfy somebody too lazy to just Google it for himself.

  2. vigorousbog says:

    For whatever reason it just stopped saving my draft. I think they’re good questions and I’d like to talk about them more, but for whatever reason I just kinda painted myself into a mental corner with the idea that any statements I made or opinions I espoused should be backed with some sort of peer-reviewed, journal published science to back it up.

    That being said, going forward “because I said so” is gonna have to work as a first pass, but if something seems really wonky, we’ll hit the books from there.

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