Lots of Little Things…

…all of which take time.  I spent a little bit of money sanding down some of the rough edges that were getting in the way of me being more productive – I now get more than 30 minutes of battery life with my laptop, and I’ve got headphones that I can wear for long periods without being too uncomfortable.  Figured out how to appropriately use the “Favorites” feature of Twitter, and the addition of a bookmark pointing directly to my Favorites tab lets me use it to quickly skim and save articles for later viewing, which was my primary use of Twitter in the first place – so more interesting articles more quickly.  That seems to be the theme at the moment, more productivity, less bullcrap, trying to get as much of the annoying stuff out of the way as possible (with varying success).

Got a few project ideas in the works at the moment, but they’re currently in the schematic/acquire raw materials phase.  But it’s nice to have a few ideas in place that have compartmentalized goals so if I’ve only got 15 minutes to spend I can price bulk LEDs or if I’ve got an hour or two I can draw schematics/run simulations/write code.

That being said, I’m trying to update a little more frequently (hoping for at minimum once a week) with posts of a little more substance.

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