The Weekly

I’ve decided to give myself a deadline. I think it’s important to set a general tone, let readers know when they can expect new posts, and light a bit of a fire under my ass.

The first issue – what to call it? While working off a theme is always fun… synonyms for bog: Morass? Fen? Slough? None of those sound like something incredibly pleasant to read. So for the sake of clarity, I present: The Weekly. Every week I’ll put together some analysis on topics that I find interesting (games, mathematics, science, and agriculture). One thing I’ve always enjoyed, is listening to people talk about things they are passionate about, and hopefully other people feel the same. I’m sure there will be some growing pains, but hopefully we can make something at least interesting, if not enjoyable.

Any ideas are welcome, and hopefully I’ll be adding additional features as things go forward.  The Weekly updates every Saturday.

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