Some Housekeeping

Alright.  Now I finally think we’re in business. I’ve got a theme I like, I worked out some of the counter-intuitive formatting issues and have even worked out how I’m going to do links.  If it’s merely for attribution, I think I’ll use a link shortener – feel free to click through, it might be good or it might be a waste of time, I’d give you about a 1/3 shot of it being any good.  I’ll try to get actual hypertext links in place as time goes on so there’s a little bit more description, but those kinds of things take time.  If I include the whole link from the get go, that’s a polite suggestion that you should really check that out.  Now that things are starting to get squared away here, I’m planning to roll out a few more content related ideas that I have.

First, we begin with a move.  Rather than have The Weekly on Saturdays, I’ve moved it to Mondays as you can see below.  This lines up a bit better with my workflow and will hopefully result in better content as you start your week.  Second, on Wednesdays I’m going to be starting a “Journal Club”.  Inspired by similar practices in the scientific community, the idea is that one person makes a copy of an article available (hooray internet!) and then the following week it’s discussed and the next article is picked out for discussion.  Basically a more compact, intelligent version of a book club.  And finally, the incredibly well named, new Friday feature “What Are You Playing This Weekend?” where people can share what game they’re playing and maybe talk a little bit (spoiler free) about it and what they like about it.  Whether it’s a causal game that you’re playing on the can, or a 100+ hour epic RPG, everything’s fair game.

So here’s the updated schedule:

Monday: The Weekly
Wednesday: Journal Club
Friday: What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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