The Bog and Moving Forward

One of the main things I had in mind for this blog was to act as an incubator for the ideas rattling around in my head.  I intended for it to be a somewhat messy, open and occasionally random creative space where I didn’t have to worry about whether or not something was coherent or good or whatever, which is why I went with the name VigorousBog. My recent work’s more structured approach has inspired me to let my latest work sprout legs and shamble out of said bog. That said, I’ve started a new blog called Ludonarrative Dissidence. The idea is to continue all the features that are just starting to find their legs – The Weekly, Journal Club, and What Did You Play This Week? and free this blog up to be about (gr)apples, my latest Binding of Isaac run, plant patents, what I had for lunch, etc.  Usually it’s me following my natural curiosity for math and science wherever it takes me, with some random things thrown in around food and video games.

Yeah that's right, I'm above Wikipedia... as long as you spell it grāpple

Yeah that’s right, I’m above Wikipedia… as long as you spell it Grāpple.

More writing results in better writing and both blogs should continue to improve as a result – maybe even resulting in further incredible results such as the #3 in Google search results that my thoughts/research on the Grāpple yield it.  And I think it will be a little less confusing to follow a link about Grāpples to a blog and to be bombarded with fairly abstract writing about video games.

Thanks for reading and hopefully now you’ll have two blogs to enjoy, instead of one.


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