Return to the Weird

This is oddly liberating. After a month of stressing about deadlines, it’s nice to blow off a little steam about whatever topic I want. There’s a guest post I’d like to get out the door, and I’d like to make some comments on other blogs as well. I’m still running a little bit behind due to transition and overambitious scope, but I’m gradually catching up.

Cabbage worms

The cabbage worm battle continues

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the garden, observing the plants and their associated wildlife, having much greater success composting by drilling a bunch of air holes and turning it with a large screwdriver instead of a trowel. I think next February we’re going to try to get a garden plot from the county – It’s something we both seem to enjoy and it actually seems to be easier, when you’re working on a larger scale.  I’m genuinely curious about it as apparently they have separate sections for organic and conventional gardening and I wonder about what resources are available to people working on the plots.  Another thing that will have to get done is we’ll have to figure out how to transition from sprouted seedlings, to active plants getting their grow on.

We finally got a replacement charger for the point and shoot digital camera that we got a couple of weeks after getting the dogs. It’s got a whole 4.1 more megapixels, but the real benefits are the additional options and hopefully an improved focal length. Tom showed me another Android app with features like burst mode, so hopefully that’ll improve my picture-taking on the go, once I figure out which of the 37 apps with a phonetic variation on “Camera FX” it was.

Blogger has some out of the box features that interest me, mostly out of the box CSS editing and the apparent ability to handle embedded Unity prototypes. WordPress can do it, but then you have to get into all the hosting and domain registration stuff that I still don’t have the energy for so maybe I can start to get my feet under me by snagging one of those.  Tumblr lets you do the custom CSS work, but I’d rather not have to make multiple stops.  The linking of accounts with a Gmail/Google+ identity makes me uncomfortable, but I think you can activate an “old school” Blogger identity which gets all that out of the way.

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