Journal Club: Action Button’s Four God Hands

This week we’re discussing:

I’ll kick things off:

Apparently Punching through someone's face is frowned upon.

Apparently punching through someone’s face is frowned upon.

I really enjoyed God Hand having first heard about it on X-play in 2006. From the soul-crushing difficulty and lack of hand holding tutorializing to the controversy surrounding the cover being censored.  The fixed camera and movie set level design or the fact that there’s a boss who’s a man in a gorilla suit and a lucha libre mask. As far as the game’s pedigree, it was the last game released by Okami and Viewtiful Joe’s studio Clover.  It was headed up by Shinji Mikami of Resident Evil, Killer 7, etc fame.  It was created due to his dissatisfaction with fighting games, much like his dissatisfaction with zombie movies spawned Resident Evil.

Not one.  Not the other. Both.

Not one. Not the other. Both.

The reason I like these four reviews are they’re a good example of people being brought together, in a positive way, by (in this case imaginary) traumatic experiences.  Games that manage to walk this “tough-but-fair” line have a special place in my heart, failure letting them dig their way in with just a little bit of scar tissue in their wake.  Despite getting screwed by Capcom (surprise) and largely being panned by the public in spite of critical acclaim, God Hand has managed a bit of a resurgence when it was re-released on PSN in 2011.

That’s it for this week – a little more review-y, but interesting in its own right. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.  Feel free to suggest something interesting you’ve read and we can discuss it next week.

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