Technically you can only see the condensation, but you get the idea.

One of the things that has surprised me is just how many people I’m following in social media.  I’m far from social, so accumulating all this cruft was truly surprising. So far I’ve only managed to cut 20-30% of my “friends” and “followers”.  I don’t have a problem with social media, but if you’re trading some of your time and attention you should get more than a “thank you…. MORE!” out of the interaction.  There are lots of people on social media who make me laugh, make me smarter, make me think, or are just generally worthwhile – however this isn’t the norm.

One interesting thing is that as I’ve cut down on the sheer volume of information coming in, I have more time to think of each packet of data dropping in.  And when I have more time to think, I find out that they weren’t as good as I initially thought. So then you’re ready to unfollow another person.  It actually starts gaining momentum, contracting to something much more manageable and is gradually becoming something ignorable as 50 tweets is easier to catch up on than 500.

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