Walk Without Rhythm, And We Won’t Attract The Worm (Part 1)

While waiting for a corporation application to clear and the 4-hour mission rejection timer to reset (Stupid mission agents trying to trick you into hauling into Low Security Space), I gathered some intestinal fortitude and decided to tackle one of the intimidating portions of the game: Wormholes and the space that loves them.  I  lined up a low-cost version of everything – a implantless jump clone, a bare bones exploration Imicus, and got to work scanning down an out-of-the-way wormhole.

Gravitational Lensing - Natures way of saying "Hold on to your butt!"

Gravitational Lensing – Natures way of saying “Hold on to your butt!”

After a bookmark for ease of access, I checked the information (R051 – stable, headed to Low Sec, undisturbed by ships), held my nose, and took the plunge. Immediately my ship approached, the screen shimmered, the HUD disappeared and I found I was holding my breath. And just like that, I had skipped past several systems of marauding gatecampers and was in the exact system my troublesome delivery was scheduled to.  I immediately went into self-preservation mode even though I was alone in Local. Another bookmark at the at the mouth of the wormhole, jam on my microwarp drive, set up a save spot in the middle of nowhere, turn on my prototype (read: abysmal) cloak and begin to pulse my directional scanner out to 14.93 AU from my position.  Coast is clear.  Things are calm. A chance to breath after the frenzy of activity following my 60s of gate cloak wore off.  Time to begin scanning things down.  Let’s see what we have:


I started scanning before I was 100% safe, but that Data Site was just too tempting.

The sheer number of sites, at least 13 were visible at this point, stressed the importance of filtering quickly. Ore and Combat sites? Eliminated. Bringing the number of sites needing to be scanned down to a much more manageable 4.  The presence of the third tier of scatter container (L1: Info Shard, L2: Com Tower, L3: Mainframe) had the computer beginning to push back against my intrusion attempts – Sorry I didn’t manage to get any screenshots, but the clock was ticking and there are lots of YouTube videos showing the higher levels of the Hacking minigame for the interested.  Defensive Subsystem: Restoration Nodes are one of my more recent less favorite things.


Triangulation – one of life’s little joys.

After looting and pillaging, and I loaded up my fast-hauling fit Nereus to sneak that L4 distribution mission around the gate campers during back-to-back unfortunate Low-Sec deliveries and eventually wound up checking out my haul.

9.59 mil ISK for 1 system worth of work

9.59 mil ISK for 1 system worth of work

A lot of the cans required multiple attempts as my level 3 Hacking and Archaeology skills left me a bit outclassed without specialized equipment or higher end implants (left behind for the sake of loss mitigation.)  I also reevaluated my load and left behind a lot of my general knapsack of equipment that I usually bring for clearing DED sites and Combat Anomalies – gone went the Mobile Depot & Tractor Unit, Shields, Railgun and Salvagers.  I wound up stripping down my Imicus to the barest of bare bones for future flights.


Bright.  Weird and bright.

Emboldened by my modest success and wondering why everybody thinks wormholes are such a big deal, little did I know that my latest crop of hubris was about to come to fruition.  In part two, we’ll go deeper into wormholes where the physics starts to get a little weird, and we’ll have our first encounter with the enigmatic Sleepers.

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