Walk Without Rhythm, And We Won’t Attract The Worm (Part 2)

This is the second half of my EVE Online wormhole adventure. I spent a little time cutting down the number of screenshots to try and tell a complete story without belaboring things too much. I had thought about leaving things open ended and just not posting this, but on their own the graphics are pretty impressive and I think it consists of a relatively complete narrative , even if it’s not 100% clear what’s going on.


So yeah, that was the conclusion to my initial trip into W-space. Lots of encounters with the strange and lethal sleepers. I tried to take pictures where I could before they inevitably locked on to me. There was one strangely undefended data site stocked full of millions of exotic and valuable loot, perhaps cleared out by folks farming the wormhole, with the loot respawning before the enemy. Ultimately an ounce of curiosity sent me to a gas site where missile launchers devastated my Imicus, along with a nearly successful sneaky attempt at recovering the wreckage. Oh well.

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